Top Drive-Thru Concerns

If you’re looking to add a drive-thru to an existing location, there are a lot of things that might be going through your mind and a lot of concerns that you’re not sure how to address. We’ll take a look at a few of those concerns here. [Read more...]

Drive-Thru Headsets: Features to Look For

It seems like everywhere you look, there’s another option for drive-thru headsets. It can be hard to figure out what’s going to work best for your needs. While a blog post can’t tell you exactly what to get, we can point out some important features that can help your drive-through run smoothly. [Read more...]

3 Factors Behind Drive-Thru Congestion

If you’re seeing cars from your drive-thru line spill into the parking lot, you’re probably getting excited about an increase in your customer base. But customers in a long drive-thru line are going to start getting frustrated, so now that you’ve gathered some more customers, let’s talk about what’s causing the line congestion and how to fix it. [Read more...]

Hacking the Brain?

For years, catchy headlines and infographics have claimed that if you just use the right colors, you can get customers to do exactly what you want. They propose that specific colors equal specific emotions. But is that really true, and can you use it when you design signs or menu boards? [Read more...]

Drive-Thru Menu Boards: Digital or Traditional?

When choosing a menu board for a new drive-through, or replacing a board in an old one,  the biggest decision you make may be choosing between a digital and a traditional menu board.  With that in mind, here are a few things to think about as you consider this investment. [Read more...]

3 Tips for Drive-Thru Menu Board Design

Whether your drive-through uses a traditional or digital menu board, you’re going to have different priorities for it than you might for an indoor menu board!  Here are a few things to think about when choosing or designing your layout. [Read more...]

Drive-Thru Menu Boards: Surviving the Outdoors

Anything that spends a lot of time outside needs to be sturdy, from lawn furniture to outdoorsmen but electronics like digital menu boards are particularly delicate, and a lot of thought needs to go into choosing a menu board that’s intended to be installed outside.  Much like an adventurer planning a backpacking trip, digital menu boards in outdoor locations like drive-thrus must prepare for outdoor survival. [Read more...]

Menu Boards from Start to Finish

Whether you’re building a new food-service location or revamping an existing one, you may want to consider a digital menu board. As you go through the process, there are a few things you need to think about! [Read more...]

Incorporating Audio?

The use of audio in conjunction with digital signage is a controversial topic, with many preferring to avoid it altogether.  However, we believe that there are some situations when audio can be an excellent enhancement to the visual content displayed. With that in mind, let’s run down the best—and worst!—situations for incorporating audio. [Read more...]

Menu Boards: How to Use Color

So, you’ve just decided on a new piece of digital signage or maybe your content just needs some revamping.  Either way, one of the things you need to know is what colors you should use to get results. [Read more...]