2 Standout Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital Menu Boards are mated to the restaurant’s computer system, so the messages you present to your customers can be changed as often as you like. And, if that message involves a price change, it will automatically be reflected in your POS System with no further effort on your part. This added flexibility can enhance your Bottom Line in many ways. For instance …

 Podium1- Day-part your menu 

Day-parting is offering different menus and perhaps different prices at different times of the day. With conventional static signs, your flexibility is limited; you’d have to delegate staff to change the signs, and more staff to alter the POS system. Then you have to cross your fingers and hope that no errors were made. With a modern set of digital signage displays controlled by a digital display system, the operator simply chooses from preprogrammed alternatives such as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Late Night.

The alternatives are easy to set up beforehand because you know your customers. You know what they want and when they want it. Now, you can take laser-focused aim at their taste buds and zero in on the meal experience that’s just right and you’ll keep ‘em coming back for more.

 2- You can program your customers too

 Well, not exactly, but consider this – many customers are indecisive so you can help them make up their minds by deploying special-purpose restaurant menu boards that they can’t miss on their way to the register. These menu signs are coordinated carefully with the main digital menu board through the digital display system’s software.  At these prepositioned signs, the customer sees simple choices varied enough to suit most tastes, but simple enough that almost anyone will see something they like. Indecision is banished, throughput is sped up, and upselling is easily accomplished.

This is particularly effective with drive-through customers who are, in essence, a captive audience in their cars as they wait to place their orders. You can enhance this effect by carefully positioning the drive-through menu boards in a manner that they don’t get caught in the sun’s glare, and most importantly so that a mouth watering view of your signature menu item dominates your hungry customers’ field of view as they eagerly await their feast.

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Gary Elinoff