Tips for Online Menu Board Searches

Gone are the days of pulling out the phone book, looking through the yellow pages and trying to find what you are looking for. The masses are taking to yahoo, bing and mostly Google to search for the goods, services or information they want. When it comes to menu boards and all other ancillary signage this process can be both easy and difficult.  Why is that the case?   [Read more...]

Origin Display Group, Point-of-Purchase Leader, Launches New All-Access Website

Long Island, New York 

Origin Display Group, a Long Island-based leader in the menu-board industry, announces the launching of the first of a series of new websites, designed to offer unprecedented accessibility for clients.

“We are very excited to have launched our new Menu Boards website,” says Partner Vic Pereira. “This is phase one in a wave of four new sites that we are developing and will be refining in order to provide greater accessibility to our first-class products and services.”   [Read more...]

4 Thoughts Regarding Deli Menu Boards

Delis are unique when compared to your typical quick-service restaurants in that they usually have a lot more offerings when it comes to choosing what to eat. Here in Long Island NY, it seems that you’ll find a deli on each and every street corner. Having been to several in my time here, I have noticed that when it comes to the menu board signage, one of three scenarios plays out; 1- there is way too much, 2- there is none at all, 3- the content is barely relevant.  If you hadn’t already made the assumption, none of these situations are ideal. Through a conversation I shared just yesterday, it got me thinking more and more on this deli + menu board equation.    [Read more...]

Menu Board Customization Helps Differentiate

Selecting a menu board system to meet your needs can become a frustrating process.  With more and more options becoming available it could be overwhelming.  Personally, I am all about variety being the “spice of life,” but let’s face it, sometimes it just makes it easier when there are less considerations to make; like what cable company to go with.  [Read more...]

Going Cheap Usually Isn’t Your Best Interest

Do you have anything cheaper?  Is that the best you can do? Do you have any refurbished or used an equipment?  Can you send me an email with all of this information and do a little bit better on the price for me?  I can go on and on with these types of quips that we get from prospective clients. Heck, I do the same thing when I am out and about acting the role of consumer. After all, it is in everybody’s best interest to get quality at a reasonable price.  The operative word in this case is, QUALITY.  It is one thing if someone is committed to the purchase but is looking to haggle on price.  It is something completely different if someone is just looking for CHEAP.  [Read more...]

Avoid Sticker Shock When Buying Menu Boards

It happens all the time when you go to buy something online, over the phone or from something you see on TV. You know, when “you can get all this for $99.99.” Well then tack on taxes, surcharges, shipping and handling (S&H) and next thing you know it is almost double. Then there are those “deals” that require credit checks. I probably don’t have to tell you but if your report doesn’t come back sparkling you won’t be getting that car for a “low monthly payment of $199.”  [Read more...]

Menu Boards, Etc: Uncommon Questions That Should Be Asked

What I am about to talk about isn’t unique to the menu board industry; it is done time after time when making purchasing decisions.  Assumptions are made based on things you have read, seen or heard, but the personal experiences aren’t known until the process is complete.  Unlike buying a loaf of bread or a new pair of shoes, buying a menu board, drive-thru, communications, or digital signage system is either a first-time occurrence or something done rather infrequently.  [Read more...]

Menu Board Examples & Their Lack of Purpose

The title that you read above may be a little too aggressive. To be clear, I am not suggesting that menu board examples serve NO purpose. In fact they can be helpful when trying to get the creative juices going and for you to envision how something would look in your location. After all, how else would you be able to see if something will work for you other than by ordering a system sight-unseen? The instances that I am referring to are those where the consumer has seen examples but want more; usually by going to see something in person or through additional layouts that are specific to their niche (i.e. Pizza, Ice Cream, etc).  [Read more...]

Random Menu Board Thoughts II

Every so often something dawns on me and I think to myself, “I need to write a blog about that.”  Then I get to thinking that there isn’t enough substance to talk about on the one topic.  So for the second time I am going to touch on a couple of random menu board thoughts.  Some may be redundant from blogs past but they have come up again recently and I feel that they should be reinforced. [Read more...]

5 Items That Will Increase Your QSR Sales

It is the nature of the SEO beast that companies like ourselves are quite often found online for menu boards, drive-thrus, and digital signage.  As a result, the conversations and the emails that are sent back and forth are often centered around one of those items.  Make no mistake about it, when it comes to quick-service-restaurant signage these are of the greatest importance.  They are the hub from which you can directly affect purchasing decisions in a way that meets your preference.   [Read more...]