Free Standing or Wall Mounted Drive-thru?

When going about setting up your drive-thru lane you may find yourself in one of three scenarios:

  1. New build/design which provides you the greatest deal of latitude in regards to setting up your lane.
  2. Adding a drive-thru to an existing location through a remodel which limits your ability to do whatever you’d like
  3. You’ve inherited a pre-existing drive-thru location that often defines where you’re going to place your drive-thru from the outset. [Read more...]

Economical Menu Board Options

When opening any new restaurant there are a tremendous amount of “boxes to check” in regards to equipment, furniture, signage, etc that you need to acquire prior to opening.  It is not uncommon that the menu boards are one of the last things to be looked at prior to “cutting the ribbon.”   [Read more...]

Important Factors When Deciding On a Drive-thru Menu Board

When beginning your search for a new drive-thru menu board it is important to consider a number of factors that will minimize your long-term frustration.  Much like other products, the price is the main concern for many when “looking around.”  [Read more...]

Drive-thru Menu Board Ordering Process

Setting up your drive-thru lane can be much more straight forward than people think. The key to doing it the correct way is to accomplish certain items in a roundabout order.  [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Use On-Board Housing for Your Drive-thru Speaker & Mic

It seems that with greater frequency people are asking to have their speaker and microphone as a part of their drive-thru menu board.  Is this doable? Yes.  Is it ideal? No.  The reasons vary but can be summed up in short order. [Read more...]

Maximize Drive-thru Effectiveness

Once a customer has entered your drive-thru lane, there is nothing more critical to optimizing your bottom line than your drive-thru Digital Menus. [Read more...]

Get the Most Out of Mobile Ordering

One of the great innovations in the QSR drive-thru lane in recent years has been mobile ordering. With this innovation, customers order their food in advance, through their smartphones, before they even arrive at your premises. [Read more...]

Digital Signage For Your Drive-thru

They will shortly pay for themselves. Yes, the initial outlay for the boards themselves and the associated software will not be inexpensive, but the investment will quickly pay for itself. [Read more...]

Outdoor Digital Signage & the ROI

One of the greatest benefits of outdoor digital signage is a significant decrease in the time a drive-thru customer in his car, waiting to receive their order. [Read more...]

High-Tech Future For Quick Service Restaurants

You started your journey into modern QSR technology with digital menu boards, and they were a great success. They took the hassle out of day-parting and made advertising your menu specials a snap. [Read more...]