Monitor & Media Player Combined? Not So Fast…

The majority of digital signage installs that you walk across are comprised of three main components: 1- The monitor/screen, 2- media player and 3- software. However in the last couple of years, LG and Samsung come to mind as providers that have attempted to circumvent the traditional set up with “all-in-one” options.  What they have promised is ease of use, and lower start-up costs.  Depending on what you are looking for, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  [Continue reading…]

Random Menu Board Thoughts II

Every so often something dawns on me and I think to myself, “I need to write a blog about that.”  Then I get to thinking that there isn’t enough substance to talk about on the one topic.  So for the second time I am going to touch on a couple of random menu board thoughts.  Some may be redundant from blogs past but they have come up again recently and I feel that they should be reinforced. [Continue reading…]

5 Items That Will Increase Your QSR Sales

Increase sales

It is the nature of the SEO beast that companies like ourselves are quite often found online for menu boards, drive-thrus, and digital signage.  As a result, the conversations and the emails that are sent back and forth are often centered around one of those items.  Make no mistake about it, when it comes to […]

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Menu Board Costs Defined


Not too long ago I was approached by a gentleman who was interested in some custom menu boards. Each panel would have been larger then what most would consider a standard size. We have a wood frame option but he wanted double the width on it, the stain was to be different from what our […]

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Summer is Here! Adjust Your Signage Accordingly


Your menu boards have been designed, produced and delivered. They are the shiny new object for your restaurant. Days turn in to weeks, weeks turn in to months and sometimes those months, they become years. Over the course of time the menu boards get dusty, stickers are placed over prices, and the strips become sparse. […]

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Digital Signage for Non-QSR Restaurants

Fast Casual Digital

Over the course of the last handful of years the digital signage industry has grown immensely.  It still remains a mixed bag of true solutions and pretenders.  The ability to sift between the two becomes more difficult by the day.  People will often skip to the bottom line and quickly cast a side functionality for […]

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Recent Goings-On in the QSR Industry


In order to help you stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the restaurant industry, we have dedicated this week’s blog to scouring the QSR Magazine, Fast Casual Magazine and Digital Signage Today’s of the world to provide you with what we see as some of the most interesting and recent industry news.  A lot […]

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Menu Boards: Functionality Versus Budget


For a moment, imagine drawing a graph with “Functionality” on the Y axis and “Budget” on the X axis.  From the bottom heading north on the Y would be a list of menu board capabilities and functions that continues to grow.  Clumped within would be a series of menu board systems that could accommodate the […]

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4 Less Talked About Effective Uses of Digital Signage

Effective Digital Signage

When it comes to digital menu boards most share the same ideas on how they can use them effectively at their location.  You know the ones I am talking about: price and menu changes, promotions and specials, day-parting, dynamic content, etc. Of course these are all reasonable ways to deploy your system in order to see […]

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Custom Menu Boards Becoming New Standard


Over time, menu board companies have designed and produced systems that they felt the market was looking for.  A lot of times the “next big thing” was simply an iteration on something that previously existed and if something stuck it became a member of the standard product line.  In some of these instances we have […]

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