3 Reasons to Use Live Feeds With Digital Signage

One of the best ways to keep the attention of repeat customers is to make sure the content in your digital signage changes regularly, and a great and simple way to do that is to incorporate a live feed.  What are the benefits of a live feed?


#1- It doesn’t require upkeep from within the company.  Once it’s set up, a live feed can continue changing without anyone doing anything—except for keeping the display itself up and running, of course!  Live feeds are usually incorporated into digital signage via RSS technology, so they’re not usually too hard to set up, either.  And if you’re working with a knowledgeable company, you’re destined for not just digital signage technology but the support/setup that comes along with it.

#2- A live feed can provide information that’s useful to your customers.  That information could be weather predictions, traffic updates, or stock market information—or something more niche, like current box office totals or the latest college basketball scores.  You know your customer base and you know what they want to see, so give them something to look at.

#3- Perhaps the most important to the success of your business—changing information makes customers more likely to look at your digital display each time that they see it. And once you’ve captured their attention, they’ll notice the other content you’ve chosen to display there, like promotions, sales, and any information that you want your customers to know.

Basically, to make sure your customers keep looking back at the digital signage you’ve chosen to display at your place of business, find some information they want to see! Capture customer attention, show that you care about what they want to see, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your digital signage.

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