Digital Drive-Thru Menu Boards – Giving Your Bottom Line A Boost

Thinking of investing in a digital Drive-Thru Menu Board? Well then – congratulations! Survey after survey has affirmed that it won’t take long to earn back your investment. In fact, the typical location can count on an increase in revenue of 5% or better almost immediately. [Read more...]

2 Standout Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital Menu Boards are mated to the restaurant’s computer system, so the messages you present to your customers can be changed as often as you like. And, if that message involves a price change, it will automatically be reflected in your POS System with no further effort on your part. This added flexibility can enhance your Bottom Line in many ways. For instance … [Read more...]

Honest Digital Drive-Thru Menu Board Perspective

Let’s start with some transparency, I love digital signage. It is the way of the now and the foreseeable future. Digital signage has been hovering around for several years suggesting that “this is going to be the year” where the snowball finally gathers the momentum to run over the traditional signage in it’s path. Although it hasn’t squashed all or even most of static posters, banners, panels and cabinets that you still see today, there is no denying the spike in the last two years.  With this growth has seen countless companies enter the same digital signage space, some of which are pretenders (i.e. graphic designers with a media player) and many other contenders.  It doesn’t take the contenders, or even an every-day-Joe, much to realize that digital signage is poised to expand and adapt to applications where it has never been used before. Enter “Digital Drive-thru Menu Boards.”

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5 Tips to Minimize Your Menu Boards Research

We love talking to people when they call in looking for menu boards.  They come in all different shapes and sizes.  Some are looking for a large scale digital roll-out and others for a single counter display. Though no matter what they might be looking for a lot of people don’t have a plan for the phone call they have just made.  This is fine, after all it is our job to walk them through different options to see if their is a fit. However with the shoe on the other foot, it certainly would be nice if someone had told me what I could of done before I picked up the phone so that I could get down to business and find what I am looking for in a fraction of the time.

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