Digital Drive-Thru Menu Boards – Giving Your Bottom Line A Boost

Thinking of investing in a digital Drive-Thru Menu Board? Well then – congratulations! Survey after survey has affirmed that it won’t take long to earn back your investment. In fact, the typical location can count on an increase in revenue of 5% or better almost immediately.

boostKeep it Simple!

That’s the key to presenting your message. You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with too many choices because if you do, they’ll just turn off. But, you should use the electronic capability that your Digital Display System has to change the items that are displayed periodically. It will not only keep your customers from getting bored, but it will also expose them to new menu offerings that they might never have seen before – or to reintroduce them to old favourites. 

 Americans are getting busier and busier, and not only are we eating more fast food, but we don’t even get out of our cars to order it or to eat it. Because of this, the average wait times at QSR drive-thrus are actually increasing. With Digital Display Signage, you can use that time to reinforce your advertising by repeating the message that you spent so much time crafting and so much money getting into print, onto the internet, or on the air. Better yet, there is absolutely no extra cost to you to do it.

Easier to make changes:

Look at what you have to do now to make even the simplest changes in your menu. You have to negotiate with the print shop to make the newly printed signs. Your employees have to climb up on a ladder to install them, and you risk a lawsuit and raised Workers Comp rates if they fall. Then you have to make the changes to your POS system. Do you have twenty-five locations? Multiply by the cost by twenty-five.

Modern Digital display systems work flawlessly with your POS system, so there is no chance of a miscommunication; you only make the change once. And, you can program the system to make all the changes at all your locations, or just some of them as you judge best. And since change is so easy and flawless, you can experiment to see what works best for your bottom line at virtually no added cost, something possible only at considerable expense with printed signage.

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Gary Elinoff