Digital Signage for Up-To-The Moment Messaging

The message that you need to get out to your customers, your employees or to the public is a fluid one. This is true whether you run a QSR, a transport hub, the factory floor or a retail outlet. I Want Everything NowSometimes your message changes daily, and in some cases, it changes minute by minute. Printed signs just can’t cut it any longer with our fast-moving world, and the only practical way for your message to keep up to reality is through digital signs.

Digital message boards can be updated instantly. They can be controlled at the level of the sign itself, from a nearby laptop or tablet, or even, if you are a multi-site operation, from anywhere in the world. And, if you are a QSR or a retail outlet, simultaneous changes can be made to your POS system, combining two jobs into one and avoiding any possibility of error.

For QSRs: It’s a fact – most customers really haven’t made a firm decision about what to eat at the moment they enter your establishment. When you use digital signage, you can create a compelling customer experience, completely capturing the attention of your patron. As breakfast turns into lunch or lunch becomes dinner, your Restaurant Menu Board immediately reflects the resulting menu and price changes. Your latest specials, in all their mouth-watering glory, are conveyed to your customers in bright, bold, living colour.

Upselling opportunities abound. If they walked in thinking about a hamburger, they’ll notice an irresistible offer of a burger plate, complete with salad, soda and fries next to that lonesome burger, and what was only going to be a snack turns into a meal, with no effort at all on your part.

For other retailers: Digital Signage Displays are surprisingly inexpensive, especially when you consider the cost of the printed media that they replace. And, they can be interactive, especially when used in conjunction with a kiosk or the equivalent. Your customers will use the Digital Display as an entry point to your catalogue, or for any other business, they have with your company. The results can often be better than interaction with actual human employees, and Digital Sign Boards never go on break, get sick, or ask for pay raises.

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Gary Elinoff