Drive-thru Menu Boards – Improve your QSR’s Bottom Line

Better than two-thirds of the sales of a QSR are garnered through the drive-thru window. But incredibly, management throughout the nation have focused almost all their efforts on improving their dining and rooms only, and have largely left this vital part of their operations untouched.

drive-thru menu boardsCaptive Audience. Once the customer and car enter a drive-through lane, he is stuck in his car and has little freedom of movement. He has to watch and listen to what you present, and you control the message until the moment he picks up his order at the counter.

Drive-thru Presell Menu Boards are the great way to influence what your drive-thru customers buy. The way they work is that you display only that great new menu item, or that old favourite that was gone for a while and is now back, or perhaps that hot new special.

There are two important caveats involved in properly exploiting this powerful marketing technique. The first is that the Presell Menu Board must be, physically, far enough ahead of the main menu board for the message to register and for the customer to think about it before the time comes for her to make her menu choices. The second is to keep the message simple, and NOT to duplicate the main menu board. Remember that the idea is to highlight one or two items, NOT to duplicate a major section of the main menu.

They won’t even realize how long they’re waiting. It’s a fact, if you can keep your customers engaged and entertained, they won’t realize how long the wait time actually is. And a drive-thru digital menu board makes it easy for you achieve this end. You can set aside a portion of that board for a feed of hometown sporting events or perhaps some feel-good local news.

If you advertise on TV or on the internet, you can duplicate that content on your drive-thru digital menu board, reinforcing your message at the exact right time – the actual moment of your customer’s purchase decision. It’s just another way that drive-thru menu boards can increase your QSR’s bottom line.

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Gary Elinoff