Driving Throughput With Outdoor Digital Signage

QSRs have adapted digital menu boards for displaying menus within their dining rooms for sit-down customers, and they’ve done it with great success. ddtHowever, since the typical location generates far more revenue at the drive-thru the window then it does indoors, it’s time for smart management to extend their win to this far more lucrative arena.

Flexibility is the Key to Success

Passersby can view your drive-thru digital signs even if they haven’t already entered the drive-thru lane so they can act as a beacon, grabbing the notice of people who are not yet your customers. Their attention span is short, so you have to strike fast and hard, by showcasing the type of food people will want at any given time. Because the messages displayed on digital menu boards can be changed instantly with a few strokes of a keyboard, this is easily doable.

Short powerful messages work best. Don’t clutter up your outdoor digital menu boards with dinner specials in the morning. Rather, talk about what people really want early in the day – breakfast food like bacon, eggs, and pancakes. This powerful technique, day-parting, is a sure way to boost revenue.

A Sharply Focused Message is Vital

Nowhere in QSR operations is throughput more important than in the drive-thru, so your outdoor menus must be short, concise and offer clear, easy choices so that the customer can make her choice quickly.

The drive-thru lane and its digital menu boards should be configured as to focus the customer’s attention, daily specials, new items, and any temporarily overstocked items. Upselling must be a prominent part of the strategy, too. But remember that above any other consideration, the most important goal is to guide the customer to make a QUICK choice.

Keep an eye open towards Future Enhancements

Once your organization has gotten used to working with outdoor digital menu boards and learned how to exploit them to their full potential, it will be time to consider the next steps. These include installing two-way digital and or audio links to your POS system. In this manner, customers can pay via apps on their smartphones, and when they reach to counter, there will be no time wasted in needless communications with your staff or fumbling for cash. Then, watch your throughput soar!

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Gary Elinoff