Good Structure Is The Key To Great Digital Signage Displays

You’ve decided to deploy a Digital Display System to bring your QSR into the 21st Century. Great! You already know about how easily you can now effect day-parting, price changes, required nutritional information and a host of other revenues-enhancing strategies quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. StrucNow you can spend your precious time serving customers rather than dealing with cumbersome printed and painted menus and signs.

Making the most of your investment:

Before you go live, there are some tried and true methods to gain the most advantage possible with your new Digital Signage. Some are very similar to what you’ve done before, and simply so much easier to do electronically, while some are unique to Digital Menu Boards.

Structuring your digital menu boards by category: 

You want to make it as quick and easy as you can for your customers. So, if they are looking for a Sandwich, it will be most convenient if all the sandwiches are in the same area of your Restaurant Menu Board. The same holds through for salads and desserts.

The “headline” for the category, such as “Sandwiches” should have the largest text. The types of sandwiches, “Beef”, “Chicken” or “Pork” should be smaller text. The description of each sandwich and its price should be of equal size and smaller still – but not too small. One of the greatest advantages of Digital Signage is that you can change anything at any time. So experiment, and make sure that you know where your customers will be standing when they are reading your Digital Menu Board, and adjust type sizes so that reading the smallest print will be easy.

Use images to reinforce your advertising:

Digital Sign Boards offer a great opportunity to employ pictures and video. Use the same colour scheme that your ads use. If you advertise on TV and the web and you use animated characters, then they belong on your Digital Signage Displays, too.

But, don’t get too enthralled with what you can do, or you may do too much. You need to leave some empty space, or your menu boards will appear cluttered and unattractive. Empty space may seem counterintuitive, but you don’t want to make reading you Digital Menus a chore for your customers.

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Gary Elinoff