How to Deploy Digital Signage Effectively

Did you know that between 35% and 40% of your customers already know what the want to order before they even step (or drive!) across the threshold of your QSR? DeployThe remaining 60% or 65% may have their preferences, but they are open to being swayed by a strong, well-delivered message on your Digital Menu Boards.

But here’s the catch. If you want to entice that strong majority into trying something new, you have to do it very quickly, because you have less than ten seconds to do it. Yes, that’s right, ten seconds only, and it’s for a variety of reasons. Today’s QSR customer leads a very busy life, and so do her peers on line behind her, and she’ll certainly sense the pressure to be quick about making a decision and to move along and give someone else a chance. This will be true no matter how well behaved and polite everyone is. So, if you want to tempt her into trying something new that will reward both her taste buds and your bottom line, it will have to be done very quickly.

Balance Information with Marketing. While you, as management, want your Digital Display Signage to serve as a marketing tool, remember that while your customer doesn’t really object to marketing, what he really wants from your Digital Boards is information, and, whether he’ll admit it or not, he also wants to be entertained. These three goals aren’t mutually exclusive, but they do need to be well balanced for best results.

So, keep your message clear and concise, but also make it fun. And here’s another tip – don’t make big changes too often. It takes the better part of a month for regular customers to get comfortable with big changes in your digital menu boards. More often than that will create confusion and uncertainty, and you customers certainly have enough of that in the rest of their lives, and they will not appreciate you adding to it!

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Gary Elinoff