Maximizing QSR Profits through Digital Signage

Digital Menu Boards, thanks to the ever-improving technology behind the Light Emitting Diode (LED), are continually getting sturdier, easier to read, and more energy efficient. They have become a mainstay in the drive to increase revenues and profits in the QSR industry, and due to extensive market research, some truisms about their best usage are becoming accepted facts for the largest national chains as well as for mum and pop establishments.

profitReads Like a Book

Digital displays that are taller rather than wider, or vertically oriented, are easier for customers to read and understand than are horizontally aligned digital sign boards, which are wider than they are tall. This is because are more like the books, documents and smartphone screens that most of us encounter on a daily basis, which leads to quicker, more stress-free menu decisions. Because we want the ordering process to proceed as expeditiously as possible, this is an important determination.

Studies have also determined that the centre of the Drive-Through Menu Board and the right side command the greatest share of the customer’s attention. The temptation to put too much information on a Drive-Through Menu Board must be resisted because it will confuse a customer at the worst possible time – when a stress-free decision needs to be quickly made. Multi-panel menu boards are also a possibility, but they should be limited to two panels, as customers tend to get confused with three or more panels. Extra information can also be included on a Drive-Thru Pre-Sell Board, or Yard Sign, that the customer sees before the actual menu board is encountered.

Day Parting and Upselling

Modern LED-based Digital Signage Displays have other advantages, too. First and foremost is the ability to change your message at the touch of a button, simultaneously updating POS information. Day-parting, or changing your menu and prices for breakfast, lunch and dinner are effortless. Upselling efforts can be automatically made with no human effort, as the digital display system can easily be set up to offer additional mealtime suggestions to the customers based on what they’ve already ordered.

An important consideration is the ambient lighting situation in your display area, and your Digital Signage Provider has the experience needed to guide you in this and in similar issues.

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Gary Elinoff