Modern POS Systems Enhance Efficiency

The first word in QSR is Quick, and that word sums up, in a nutshell, what people expect and demand. They want to be able to choose their meals, pay for their meals, and receive their meals quickly, with as little muss and fuss as possible.

posEliminating the Line at the Drive-Thru Lane

If a potential customer sees a large line forming in the drive-thru lane, he’ll simply keep on driving and go somewhere else to avoid the hassle. From the standpoint of maximizing revenue, this would be a tragedy; especially considering the fact that approximately seventy percent of QSR revenue is garnered at the drive-thru.

Your Point-Of-Sale (POS) system is a vital link in the chain that ultimately connects your customers to their meals. The more modern POS systems allow people to not only order their meal from the convenience of their smartphones but also make it possible for customers to pay for them from online accounts.

This is advantageous in at least two ways. For one, time consuming and error-prone interactions between your customers and staff are eliminated. And secondly, most of today’s young people are indelibly linked, psychologically and culturally, to the smartphones. It’s simply the way they prefer to do business, rather than thru person-to-person contact.

Great for you Staff, too

A fully functional POS system is a boon to your staff as well as your customers. It may seem like a little thing, but a modern POS system can not only eliminate the need for your employees do item entry on the register, but it can also eliminate the need for counting change. This alone will also eliminate much work-related stress. Delays will be shortened, customers will voice fewer complaints to your staff, making for happier workers, and the virtuous cycle of efficiency, quick turnaround and contentment all around will develop.

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Gary Elinoff