More Ways to Use Digital Signage

It’s only natural. When a QSR management team makes the big decision to adopt Digital Display Signage, the first flowering looks very much like the painted or printed menus or menu boards that they replace. moreThis is completely understandable because you have to start from somewhere, so why not start from something that worked before? In fact, because a digital artistic design is different than classical work, there will be a learning curve involved in getting even this far.

Avoiding Extremes:

Some groups will be so enamoured with what this new technology can do, that they start behaving like precocious kids with a new science toy. Too much animation, too many flashing messages and too much everything else, they forget the purpose for which they bought the Digital Display System for in the first place – to increase throughput, revenues and profits.

On the other end of a scale, some vendors will simply stop at the point of having successfully deployed on screen what they used to have on paper. Burnout? Other fires need to be fought? Whatever the reason, they’ll have spent a lot of time and effort just to stay in the same place they started in.

Enter the Cell Phone:

You can’t get around the fact that the cell phone is the primary means of communication for most of your customers. An Intelligent Digital Signage system will have the ability to communicate with the customer’s cell phone and land you right in the very centre of that customer’s comfort zone, eliminating the need for her to communicate with a human order-taker.

When a customer see what they like on your Restaurant Menu Board and orders from his or her cell, not only do you know what was ordered, but who ordered it. Then the next time that customer returns, you are forewarned about that customer’s tastes. You can use that to the customer’s benefit, and to the benefit of your bottom line.

For example, does the customer regularly order food based on beef rather than chicken? The next time your customer logs into your Digital Display System, the Digital Sign Board will more prominently display menu items keyed to that preference. The customer sees more of what he wants, less of what he doesn’t, with a happier customer and a faster throughput for you.

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Gary Elinoff