Outdoor Digital Signage – The New Frontier

As an owner or manager of a QSR, you are constantly being barraged by offers of the latest and greatest technologies that are guaranteed to revolutionize your business and increase your bottom line. outdoor digital signageOut of a world of possibilities, some good, and some not so good, one of the wisest choices that you can make is to employ adaptive Restaurant Menu Board for your drive-thru lanes

What do we mean by “adaptive?” Adaptive drive-thru menu boards are instantly changeable, because cause they aren’t painted or printed. Rather, they are digital, just like a TV or computer screen. As such, you or one of your managers can change the message that you present to your customers instantly, at any time that it serves your marketing goals.

Drive-thru menu boards are your most important consideration, simply because this is where upwards of two-thirds of a typical QSR’s sales are generated.

Separate pre-sell Menu Signs are an especially powerful option. With them, you can highlight that hot new menu item, or let your customers know that an old favourite is back. The trick here is to install them far enough ahead of your main Drive-Thru Menu Board to allow your car bound customer time to consider the choices being offered.

Outdoor Considerations for Drive Thru Menu Boards. If you are considering this option, you may well already have digital menu boards installed inside your restaurant. There are some important caveats to consider for outdoor, drive-thru applications.

Readable in direct sunlight. It is imperative that your drive-thru Digital Signage is readable 365 days a year, regardless of how bright the sun shines.

Modularity. There will be few, if any, moving parts in your outdoor Digital Display Signage, and digital technology itself is inherently reliable. But breakdowns do occur, most often from accidents or vandalism. It is important that if a problem occurs, the whole system doesn’t have to come down, and only the compromised part has to be repaired or replaced

There are many things that you can achieve with Drive-Thru Communications, such as dayparting and tie-ins to your advertising, that are difficult or impossible to achieve with painted or printed signage, and we’ll be discussing them here in future blogs.

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Gary Elinoff