Outdoor Digital Signage & the ROI

One of the greatest benefits of outdoor digital signage is a significant decrease in the time a drive-thru customer in his car, waiting to receive their order. ROI4Also high on the list is the ability to instantly highlight an item that is, today, being specially promoted. Perhaps even more important was the positive effect that outdoor digital menu boards had on upselling, a critical component of QSR success.

Reducing Costs

It is sometimes hard to notice incremental costs – costs that don’t appear in a lump sum, but rather costs that insidiously increase bit by bit, not always noticed as the drain that they are. Constantly printing outdoor menu signs are one such source, and they can add up to big money over the course of a year. This cost is completely eliminated with the adaptation of outdoor digital displays. Also eliminated are the cost costs in time that putting up and taking down printed signage. With digital signage, everything, including prices, specials, and the menu itself can be changed simply and immediately via an app residing on your tablet or smartphone.

Reducing food wastage is another aspect of reducing costs. Anytime it is found that too much of a perishable menu item is on hand, with outdoor digital menus, it can be turned into a special, its price can be temporarily reduced, and your drive-thru customers can immediately be made aware of this offer – problem solved!

Message Control

Another great advantage of digital signage is management control. You can have the message conveyed to your customers completely controlled at the corporate level, give local management total decision-making power, or as in many cases, divide the responsibility. In either case, digital signs are tied in with the POS system and all the results, and the digital messages that lead to those results, are logged into a permanent digital record available to top management.

This leads to the exciting possibility of looking for patterns in customer behaviour, costs, revenues and profitability via the relatively new science of computer-based analytics. Subtle patterns, not before noticeable will become obvious, quite probably leading to still greater improvements to the bottom line.

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Gary Elinoff