QSR Kiosks and Millennials – a Match Made in Marketing Heaven

If you own a QSR, there’s no doubt that your most important customers are the millennials. That’s because there are almost one hundred million of them in America today, and because of their busy lives, they also eat out more often than any other demographic.

MillenialsWhat truly distinguishes this prime group is how strongly prefer to do everything digitally, including commerce. Millennials were practically born and raised with smartphones in their hands, and that’s the way they prefer to communicate. They also have a strong streak of individuality – they don’t like to simply take things as offered, but react very positively to the ability to customize their purchases.

 QSR Kiosks offer a great way to satisfy the digital bent and the desire for customization that this prized age group demands, so from your standpoint as a marketer, there is no better way to interact with them.

 When a customer first approaches a QSR kiosk, it almost looks like a gigantic smartphone. There is a large digital screen that they use to communicate with via touch. If a user hits “cheeseburger”, the smart system will ask all the options relevant to that choice – what type of bun? Would you like fries with that? How about onion rings? Would you like a coke or a milkshake?

It’s all digital, and all the choices are in the customer’s hands, just the way they like it. And notice that all the choices involve that magic word – up selling.

And that’s not all. Because the kiosk offers to take the user thru all the possible combinations offered, the menu screen could be less crowded with details that will come up later. A less crowded screen is more attractive and less confusing than a busy screen, which can only increase customer satisfaction.

Speed up throughput and reduce errors. No time is wasted, either from the customer’s standpoint or from yours, while the customer tries to explain his order with check out personnel. Indeed, if the kiosk is equipped to take payment, either in the form of cash, debit card, or best yet through a smartphone App, all the customer has to do is present his receipt, walk away with the meal, and then enjoy it quickly, happily, and stress-free.

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Gary Elinoff