Simple Facts to Keep in Mind about Digital Display Systems

Perhaps the first thing to keep in mind as you are making the move to Digital Signage Displays is to be cognizant of the way people are used to consuming the printed word. 

Digital Display Systems FactsThe formats that we’re used to, be they books, letters, and most importantly these days, our smartphone screens, are all taller than they are wide.  Putting it another way, we are all more used to and comfortable with a portrait orientation than we are with the alternate landscape style. So unless the available space in your restaurant won’t allow it, you definitely want to purchase Restaurant Message Boards whose heights are greater than their widths.

Digital Signage Displays afford QSR management a wonderful opportunity to make the most out of how your message to your customers is displayed. One of the greatest strengths of digital menu boards is the ease in which they can be changed to suit your purposes, and there are some tried and true methods that have been determined to produce the best overall results every time.

The Center is the Key. So the center of your Restaurant Menu Board is where you should display the items that earn you the most profit, and also new items that you expect to be big sellers. You want to make it easy on your customer, so avoid the temptation of including too much information – avoid clutter!

The eyes offer a fast path to the stomach. So don’t neglect to include lots of appetizing food photography. So, while you need to display prices, avoid any unnecessary verbiage. Remember, simplicity is the key – your customers came to eat, not to read. This has been borne out in innumerable studies, and more importantly, by practical experience.

Outdoor Drive-thru Menu Boards should be very similar to what customers see indoors to avoid creating confusion. Remember that you and your staff deal with your menu all day and while it’s totally familiar to you, it isn’t to your customers. Confusion causes delay, and delay kills your throughput, which is the last thing you want to do.

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Gary Elinoff