Speed and Accuracy – Both Essential for a Successful Drive-Thru

The typical QSR derives over two-thirds of its revenues from its drive-through customers. The two things that members of this critical group prize more than anything else is ordered accuracy and the speed with which they get that order, so they can then quickly begin to enjoy it. Speed & Accuracy for Drive-thruBoth are absolutely essential to generating a great customer experience.

Repeat the Customer’s Order – Twice.

When the customer places her order, your order taker must read it back to her. And, then, when she picks it up at the counter, the order taker should do it again.  What could be more frustrating to a drive-thru customer than, after she’s driven away, to open the box or bag with your establishment’s identity boldly festooned all over it, and not to find that cheeseburger special that she was looking forward to all afternoon, but something entirely different?

Low Wait Times Do Not Make Up for Inaccuracies.

What goes for the order takers goes for the kitchen staff as well. Sure, they can zip through their work and get that burrito platter out in record time, but what good is it if the customer asked for beef and he gets chicken? And remember, we’re talking about drive-thru customers here. If a dining room customer gets a wrong order, he has to walk back up to the counter. Bad enough, but a drive-thru customer has to drive back to your premises, park the car, and only then approach the counter. More likely, he will, literally, eat your mistake. But he’ll be very unhappy, and perhaps he’ll never return again.

Signage is the Key to a Happy Drive Thru

And digital signage is the way to do it. With digital menus, you can update your presell menu at a moment’s notice, and present your drive-thru customers with the 20% of the choices they make 80% of the time. What a way to increase throughput, with no challenge to accuracy at all.

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Gary Elinoff