Taking Full Advantage of Your Digital Display System

It’s the greatest contradiction in QSR marketing – even after making a significant investment in a Digital Display System, Management all too often fails in fully exploiting this powerful new tool. 

advIt’s Beyond Art – There is a Science to it

Did you know that not only are different spots on your board that are statistically proven to command more attention from your customers? Not only that, but it’s different for your inside Digital Menu Boards and you inside Digital Displays. Outside, it’s towards the lower left, and inside, it’s right in the middle, top to bottom.

Establish a New Adventure Spot

Designate one spot on your Digital Sign Boards for new menu offerings. Once customers get used to it, they’ll find themselves going back to it all the time to see what new goodies you’ve come up with for them. It’s a great way to help get new menu items noticed – and sampled.

Placement – It’s Easier Thank You Think

How much space should each item get on your Digital Displays? Yes, there are very complicated (and expensive) mathematical studies that can be made, but there is also an easy, cheaper way to do it. Simply compute which item is best contributing to your bottom line, and that item gets the “prime real-estate.”

 And do it often! Moving an item closer to the “high rent” area may make it a heavier hitter. Follow up your advantage until the mother lode gives out. Eventually, each item will get the “address” its contribution justifies. But, it may change, because the public’s tastes are always changing. The job gets easier, but it is an ongoing effort.

Digital Menu Board Must Remain Consistent With Your Advertising

You put in a lot of time and effort into your advertising, and its paid off, and the same for you digital messaging. If you keep you messages in both mediums consistent with each other, you’ll see how one and one can add up to ten. When your customer sees that burrito special on your digital Menu Sign portrayed in exactly the same manner as he saw it on TV or the internet, it will ring a (food) bell in his head, and have him reaching for his wallet.

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Gary Elinoff