The Many Advantages of Digital Display Signage

You can do almost everything more quickly and easily with Digital Signage Solutions. Here are just a few examples.

Advantages of digital signageBetter Control from Headquarters. If you own or manage many locations, keeping all of your restaurants in lockstep can be quite difficult, as it can be hard to assure that each location adheres to mandated menu changes and deploys each new advertisement at the proper time. Not so with a Digital Display System, because you can control all the Restaurant Menu Boards system-wide with a few clicks on your laptop.

More Powerful Marketing Capabilities. Old-fashioned painted or printed menu boards can only display words, numbers and still pictures. With Digital Menu Boards, you can include animation, rotate your advertisements, and even rotate your menus by the time of day and by the day of the week, and you can do it instantly from anywhere. You can also allow local management just as much or as little autonomy as you choose.

Easier Compliance with Pesky Regulations. New laws mandate that nutritional information must be posted and easily accessible to consumers. It’s easy for QSR’s that utilize Digital Signage to include this information alongside each menu item. As the regulations change, you can comply with any new requirement with a minimum of effort.

Upselling.  If your Digital Menus are interactive, they can be coordinated with the point-of-sale system to enable upselling. A customer may have come in looking for a slice of pizza, but as soon as she keys in that item, the system can come back to suggest a soda or even a meal special including a salad. More revenue for you, and more meal satisfaction for her, an all-around win.

Entertain Your Customers. Waiting is, unfortunately, is something that can’t be entirely removed from the customer experience at a QSR. But, it’s a fact that an engaged and amused customer will perceive a shorter delay, and her experience as a customer overall will be a happier one. And your digital restaurant Menu Boards are just the medium through which you can offer entertaining animations, local sports results, and, most importantly, your own advertisements and promotions. So, not only are you satisfying your customers with your great food offering, but you are also providing a better experience overall, and making return visits both more likely and more frequent.

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