Using Digital Signage for Trial Products

So you’re looking into digital signage, but you’re wondering what advantages it will give you. In this post, we’ll look at how digital signage can be used to roll out a trial product at comparatively limited expense.

Trial ProductsLet’s consider a scenario that can come up in business whether you have digital or traditional signage: You have a new product that you want to try out. If your business uses traditional signage, you have to put money not only into the supplies for the product, but also for printing up marketing materials. You could easily put hundreds of dollars into printing, and then if the product doesn’t sell, there’s not much to be done. You can try to push it harder, but you’ve already put a lot of money into marketing and it hasn’t worked. So this strategy works if your product sells, but otherwise you’re in trouble.

Now let’s look at what would happen if you had digital signage instead. In this scenario, your major advertising cost is gone: no need for printed materials. You’ll want some graphic design, but depending on your company, you might even have someone on-site available to do that work. Now, since you have a lesser investment, you can start with a small, limited run of the new product. And then if it sells well, you can move up to a larger quantity of product and a larger advertising campaign. And in the event that the product fails, you’re in a much better position than you were in the above scenario. Now you’re in a good place. You’re out the cost of the product development and advertising design, but this results in a much smaller loss than if you had been relying on traditional signage.

There are pros and cons to either type of signage, and your choice truly depends on the nature of your strategy and business. It’s essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages that come with digital vs. traditional signage in order to make a truly informed choice.

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