Videos And Images Of Delectable Food

An image of a cheeseburger oozing mushrooms, onions and melted cheese on your Restaurant Menu Board will make your potential customers’ stomachs rumble and their mouths water. Food vidThe message is driven home with even more effective if the image is replaced by of a video of a slim customer diving into that big, overstuffed burger.

If your Digital Menu Board has a tactile input to your POS system you’ve created a marvellous opportunity to do some serious up selling. If she’s chosen a cheeseburger, the Digital Display System can be programmed to show luscious images of onion rings or fries smothered in ketchup. Who could resist it? If she’s still with you, the next thing to be displayed will be the cheeseburger special, now a sure sale.

The bottom line is that a sale of a single menu item is converted into the sale of an entire meal. Better yet, there is no time-consuming, error prone encounter between you cashier and your customer. Some systems even allow for payment on the spot via credit card or smartphone app.  All your customer has to do is present the printer receipt at the counter, and pick up the meal.

Finding Out What Your Customers Really Want

If you’re opening up a new QSR, you need to find out what sells. That means changing your menu, changing your prices, and juggling specials. It’ll be an expensive, time consuming and unpleasant task with constant trips to the printer’s, taking down old signs and putting up new ones. You might even end up foregoing experimentation, and settling for a menu that is less than optimal for your QSR’s type and location.

On the other hand, if your Restaurant Menu Boards are digital, you can do all of this while sitting down at your laptop or even from your smartphone. Cost? Nothing!

And it doesn’t end there, either. Digital Display Signage gives you a wonderful opportunity to effortlessly accomplish day-parting – so important because what sells well at night is quite different than what works best in the morning.

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Gary Elinoff