Yet Another Reason to Switch to Digital Display Signage

The new nutritional rules are here. QSRs are going to have to start posting nutritional information, most especially calorie counts, on their menu boards. It’s a big problem if your menu board is printed or painted.

Reason to Switch to Digital Display SignageImagine the constant job of taking down old signs, reprinting them, and reinstalling them every time there’s a change! For those operators who use Digital Menu Boards, it’s a Big Opportunity.

The Great Thing About Posting Calorie Counts is that they take your customer’s mind away from – Price. Now, instead of making choices based largely on what an item costs, decisions will also be made on calorie counts. Price goes from being the first concern down to a secondary issue. Better yet, if your customer is counting calories, she’ll naturally keep on ordering until she reaches the limit of her “calorie budget”. That translates into her buying more items, which is the best possible thing for your bottom line.

And best of all is that it’s easy. No trips to the printers and no climbing up ladders. When you need to make changes, whether it is nutritional information or anything else, you don’t need to go any further than to that App on your smartphone or laptop. Neat, clean, and easy, it’s all done online, electronically.

Flexibility is a Key Advantage with Digital Display Systems. For the first time, QSR management can change their message with little more than a flip of a switch. Why take up valuable sign space with dinner items at 6 a.m. when it will be many hours until you start serving them? Think of what you can do with all that space! If you advertise, why not showcase an animated tie-in to reinforce your radio or TV message? And this time you won’t be paying for airtime, because the medium is your Restaurant Menu Board, and you own it.

Digital Signage Plays Nicely with your POS System. When you make changes to your prices on your POS system, they are automatically reflected on you Digital Menu Boards. It’s just another way that you save time and money with modern Digital Display Solutions.

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Gary Elinoff