5 Items That Will Increase Your QSR Sales

It is the nature of the SEO beast that companies like ourselves are quite often found online for menu boards, drive-thrus, and digital signage.  As a result, the conversations and the emails that are sent back and forth are often centered around one of those items.  Make no mistake about it, when it comes to quick-service-restaurant signage these are of the greatest importance.  They are the hub from which you can directly affect purchasing decisions in a way that meets your preference.  What is unfortunate is that because both parties are so caught up in the menu board chatter, they lose sight of other areas where signage could be used to subtlety or directly send messages to the brains of the consumers.  The following five items have proven to be effective in promoting specials, reinforcing a brand and some times just jazzing up a place. Increase sales

#1 Snap-Frame Graphic Holders- These frames are great for a variety of reasons; they are 1- inexpensive, 2- easy to mount to the wall, 3- easy to swap graphics in and out and 4- reasonable in terms of upkeep.  The ideal placement(s) for these types of signs are along the walls where the lines form and next to seating areas.  The contents, meaning the poster, can be anything you want- promotion, branding, events, where to be found online, etc.

#2 Window Graphics- Drive by any of the “big guys” and you’ll notice that graphics are scattered all over their windows.  The nice thing about window graphics is that, if handled properly, they can be applied, taken down, and reused in the future.  This is ideal for seasonal items.  It goes without saying but the windows not only leave an impression on those in the restaurant but also those walking or driving by.  

#3 Banner and/or Floor Stands- Where to put these types of signs is the key.  They are particularly effective in restaurants where the customers are put through stanchions to place their order.  This way, it is less likely for them to get bumped in to or knocked over during busy periods.  As you proceed through the line there should be something “hitting you” at every turn.  Depending on the entrance or dining area, there are definitely other areas where you can capitalize on the use of these signs.

#4 Counter Displays- These are great to display limited time offers, entice impulse buys at the counter or to list additional items that you don’t want taking up space on the menu board.  Like the snap frames, you can reproduce the inserts quickly and inexpensively.  It doesn’t always have to be a fixture either. Especially if you would like some tabletop marketing pieces you’d be better served printing table tents.  They are much less likely to “grow legs.”   

#5 Hanging Graphics/Banners- Whether you can make use of these or not would depend on the space you have.   Panera Bread comes to mind as a company that does a terrific job making use of hanging banners.  They do not impede any traffic but are in areas with high visibility.  These can been seen as a more upscale alternative for window marketing as opposed to the adhesive decals. 

Have you looked in to any of these options?  If not, take a good look at your restaurant and think of some of the opportunities.  The items listed above are reasonable in price and can yield a full ROI in no time.

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