An Alternative to Email Memos? Digital Signage in the Workplace

Let’s be honest: no one likes getting a corporate memo in their inbox, especially if you’re one of the people whose unread messages always seem to be in the triple (or even quadruple) digits.  Chances are, employees of your company aren’t reading all of the emails they get.

memoSometimes, important emails get lost in the shuffle, whether they’re hiding underneath a dozen urgent requests or just ignored.  One way to make sure important information about your company gets to everyone is to use—you guessed it — digital signage.

By installing a digital display in a common area, especially when it’s near something that employees tend to look at, you can reach more people with information.  Reading and sorting emails is a task that most people associate with work. But you can read an announcement on a digital display without even noticing.  Putting the sign by something like a clock is a good idea—something that everyone checks at least a few times throughout the workday!

In addition to putting your workplace digital sign where everyone will see it, try putting some extra information on it, like a live feed of weather or traffic information (see here for more information about the benefits of live feeds on digital signage). This is another way to draw employees’ eyes to the sign, by giving them information that’s helpful in their everyday life.  And that helpful information is right next to the announcements you want them to see.

Many companies are concerned about their return on investment, weighing the costs of installing a digital display against the benefit gained from it.  This can especially be a concern when the digital signage is not directed at customers. Never fear! Though customers aren’t directly responding to your digital signage, employees are.  Reading and responding to emails takes up one quarter of the average workday.  When you reduce your employees’ email load, there’s nowhere for their productivity to go but up!

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