Considerations for Specifying Your New Digital Display System

Digital Menu Boards give QSR management unprecedented flexibility. Now, you can offer limited-time specials or new menu items every day, once a week or whenever you choose to. consider ThisYou can even change your offerings as the weather changes – hot chocolate when it’s cold or ice cold lemonade when it’s hot. And, there’s no need for trips to the printer and the inevitable delays, as changes can be made with a few keystrokes on your laptop.

Know what you want to accomplish with your new Digital Display System. It will help you determine what sort of electronic interface you will need. For instance, do you have one location, many similar locations in the same town, or are you a multi-state operation? The software interface you’ll require will be relatively simple for one store. However, it will be more complex if you have different messages for different restaurants, which may be the case if you manage restaurants in different time zones experiencing different weather conditions.

Is your menu Static? If so, your Digital Signage needs will be far more modest than they would be if your business plans called for frequent changes. Perhaps you’d only like to tout your newest, trial offers or limited time specials. In that case, you will really only need two very modest Restaurant Menu Boards. Why two? – Because you’ll need one inside, and one in the drive-through bay. Here too, you’ll require a much simpler digital interface to your Digital Sign Boards, another cost savings.

Restaurant Menu Board Placement. Unlike printed of painted signage, Digital Signs are costly to move, so careful consideration of what will work best for your location must be carefully considered. Most managers who’ve opted for simpler systems choose to place their Digital Menu Signs directly above the ordering counter. If this is your choice, you’ll probably want to opt for a larger

Digital Menu Board, for greater visibility.

Upgrading Your System. Quite frankly, you are going to love your Digital Display System. It will bring in more customers, enhance your revenue, and speed up your throughput. If you do decide to start small, make sure your Digital Signage Company can grow with you when you decide to upgrade – because sooner or later, you definitely will.

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Gary Elinoff