Digital Menu Board Support: Who Has Got You Covered?

The dreaded monthly fee. Wait-a-minute, maybe I shouldn’t be so dramatic as we’re seeing more and more people adapt to the idea. There are a number of reasons for monthly fees, 1- cloud-based access, 2- software as a service (SAAS), 3- support, etc. Today I would like to focus on #3.  The point is not to get focused on the monthly fee itself, which could also be in the form of an annual or semi-annual fee but to understand the value around it.

Support & Services Companies are shopping for digital signage from three different perspectives:
1- Single unit operators
2- Multi-unit operatiors
3- Large corporations

I bring this up because a lot of the times it steers what solution would be ideal for the given circumstance and how it effects support is important.  Lets take a look at each.

Single units- when you’re wearing multiple hats when running a restaurant it quickly becomes impractical to take on more responsibility.  Making simple content changes or trying to figure out why the aspect ratio is off on one of the screens are not things that these people should be bogging themselves down with. Systems with an unlimited user and technical support would be the optimal direction for these people.

Multi-units- This isn’t so cut and dry.  It all comes down to infrastructure and the cost of adding to it or keeping it the same.  As an example we have a convenience store chain out of the south that tops out at 85 locations.  Through phase 1 of 3 we have installed in 30 of these locations, each of which has their own monthly fee which covers cloud access, content updates and SUPPORT.  In total there are 100 screens installed throughout the locations.  The rationale is simple, they do not have the IT or graphic design personnel to manage a network that size, nor do they want one. They hang their hat on establishing relationships with the expertise and capacity to support initiatives such as these.  Equally notable, the cost to pay a warm body to provide the same peace of mind would be at least three times more than the fees.

Large corporations- Quite often these companies already have the wherewithal in place.  The idea of paying for cloud access or support is seen as unneeded because they can/will set up their own network to deploy the content where they see fit as well as support the system on their own.

The long and short of it is that there is a pendulum where it makes sense to have the support included with your system as opposed to taking in on yourself.  We are of the opinion that the vast majority stand to benefit from having an all-inclusive system.  Beyond your peace of mind you’re also likely to save a lot of money and frustration over time.  It is also important to note that in many cases “support” isn’t limited to technical issue but also user assistance and simple content changes.  Add it all up and a few bucks a month  looks like chump change.

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