Digital Signage in the News: February Roundup

Every month, there are a multitude of new and exciting things happening in digital signage, and we detail a few of them here.  The second roundup of digital signage news in 2016 comes to you with exciting technology education initiatives, emotional engagement with retail, and even aliens!

extraImmersive shopping:  Digital signage has been used to help create a new kind of shopping experience for consumers.  With the help of digital signage, shopping can cause consumers to become audience members.

The X-Files, season 10:  After a 14-year absence, the cult TV show The X-Files returned to televisions this year. As part of a campaign to advertise the revival, digital signage was incorporated into the advertising for the show in Portugal and the U.K.

Whose digital signage succeeds:  A long-time veteran of the digital signage industry explains what goes wrong in digital campaigns—and why small businesses are better at making their digital signage work.

Learning to program with a video game: A game installed in a tram stop in Helsinki teaches passers-by about the logic of programming: if/else constructions, loops, etc.  The game was a winning entry in the Slush Hackathon, which challenged programmers to design a game to teach kids and those with little tech experience how to program.

L’Oréal:  48 L’Oréal salons have upgraded with digital signage.  These signs are designed to attract more customers to the store, and they represent part of a carefully designed experience for salon-goers.

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