Digital Signage in the News: January 2016 Roundup

New developments in digital signage are happening all the time, all over the world! We’ve collected a roundup of all the most interesting news about digital signage that’s come out this month.  2016 has had a great start!

newsThe Australian Open: A digital signage and outdoor media company is partnering with Twitter Australia to move the Twitter conversation about the Australian Open tennis tournament from smartphones to the outside world.  The initiative will bring tweets about the Open to digital billboards, using the hashtag #ausopenmoments, and it seems like a great use of digital signage to help get the public excited about such a big event.

Australian betting system: In another Australian sports-related story, a series of locations for sports betting have been overhauled, with digital signage playing a big part.  The new technology is increasing the number of bettors and giving existing ones a more exciting and streamlined experience.  It seems like a great new system, and an excellent example of how digital signage can make life easier and more fun for consumers!

Glasses-free 3D: A digital signage provider is suggestion that glasses-free 3D technology, which has already been put into practice in home television settings, might be the next big thing in digital advertising. We’re not sure yet whether it will be worth the cost, but it definitely is eye-catching!

Digital media center in Brazilian stadium: At Arena de Baixada, a stadium in Brazil that hosted some 2014 FIFA World Cup games, a digital media center has been installed.  This center aims to improve the experience of visiting sports fans by showing them what’s going on in the stadium even when they’re not in the stands. It sounds like a great idea—no need to worry about what you’ll miss when you get up to grab a soda.

Mexico stock exchange: A Dubai-based company has worked with the Mexico stock exchange to install a 40-meter-long LED ticker to share real-time stock information with anyone passing by.  In addition to being helpful for local traders, the installation seems to be a symbolic way for Mexico to show itself as a leader in the financial industry.

It’s been quite a month for digital signage, and we’re looking forward to the next one!

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