Enhance Your Customer’s Experience with Digital Signage

Instantaneous Menu Changes. One of the great advantages of Digital Menu Boards is that management can change the message they present to their customers effortlessly and conveniently from their smartphone or laptop. EnhanceThey can do this at any time of day or night and the effects will be visible instantaneously. Gone are the time delays inherent in communicating with print shops, waiting for a new sign to be completed and delivered, and the laborious and dangerous process of climbing a ladder to reinstall a printed sign.

Pricing Changes made easy. Studies have shown that customers react positively to promotional pricing in the form of happy hour specials and daily, weekly, or seasonal special offers. With the instant flexibility of Digital Displays, these are easy for you to offer your customers. You also have the ability to temporarily lower prices in order to move out an overstocked, perishable menu item that would otherwise have to be discarded due to spoilage.

Lowering Perceived Wait Times. It may not be possible to completely eliminate the time a customer must wait until she can place her order or the time that she must wait until the order is ready after she’s placed it. But, through the adroit exploitation of your Digital Display System, you can certainly make that time seem to fly by. You can set aside a portion of one or more of your Digital Menu Boards for entertainment. It can be local sports, or cartoons, or best yet, entertainment that will tie into your advertising. It’s a sure-fire way to make your customer enjoy her visit to your QSR even more, and make return visits more likely and more frequent.

Make the New FDA Labeling Requirements work for you. Nobody quite knows what the final form of the rules for nutritional information will be, but with Digital Display Signage, you’re covered. That’s because the software that controls your digitally powered Restaurant Menu Board will easily adapt to any national requirement. And, even beyond any mandate from the government, you most certainly have many customers, especially those who buy menu items thought to be low in calories like salads. You can choose to let potential buyers of those types of items know for a fact just how low-calorie they are – what a way to increase sales!

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Gary Elinoff