Graphic Design: The Key to Catching Eyes with Digital Signage

So you’ve got your new digital sign installed and you want to put it to work. But what’s the best way to capture attention? A poorly-designed display could end up boring viewers and doing the opposite of what you want.  GDHere are a few tips for making your digital signage eye-catching and engaging.

1. Choose your words carefully!

A long paragraph of text bores viewers—some may look away without even beginning to read. Limit the amount of text you have on the screen, and more people will get the message.  If you’re having trouble, start with all the things you want to say, and then cut it down to the core message.  Get rid of the least important parts, then the next least important parts, until what’s left is the core of what you want people to know.  You don’t need the details of a sale—leave that for the fine print.  Your tagline should be “buy one get one free!” not “two for the price of one when applied to any product under $20, some restrictions apply.” Be quick, snappy, and get your point across.

2. Watch your fonts!

As a rule of thumb, don’t put more than two fonts in the same place: usually this means one for title, and one for text. You also want to watch out for readability, especially from a distance.  Keep things big enough to be readable, and try to stick to sans-serif fonts.  That means fonts without “tails” on the letters—think Arial, not Times New Roman.  Serif fonts like Times are harder to read from far away, and they can be tricky for people with dyslexia, too!  And always make sure to keep it looking at least semi-professional: fonts like Comic Sans or Papyrus are instantly noticeable, and an instant red flag that the designer might not know what they’re doing.

3. Space things out!

Don’t shove all your text into one corner.  Watch the balance of your design carefully, and balance out text with images.

Basically, make your digital signage layout fun and easy to look at, and you’ll get the results you’re looking for!

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