Integrating Digital Signage and Social Media

In order to stay up to date with the latest in advertising and customer service, you may be working with both digital signage and social media.  But how do you keep these parts of your business integrated? Here are a few tips.

Integrating Social MediaIf you want customers to get involved with your social media, you want to make it easy for them—and one of the best ways to do that is to use your digital signage.  An eye-catching pop-up in the corner of the screen can help you out.  The digital nature of your sign can make it easy for you to change things as needed.

Your customers need a few important pieces of information in order to engage in your branded social media: most important are your official social media accounts, and hashtags you create. Hashtags are most useful for engagement with Twitter and Instagram, and should be unique, simple, and easy-to-remember.  They can be linked to new promotions or products. Some fast-food companies do this very well, creating a culture around limited-edition products that makes people want to talk about them via social media.

A great way to use your digital signage is to show recent posts about your product on social media.  A live feed (combined with a simple vetting process to make sure you’re not broadcasting negative tweets or Instagram posts) can be a great way to get customers excited to join the conversation!  Specific questions can help, too; for example, asking people to post their favorite kind of burrito will likely be more successful than asking them to simply share their experience.

Of course, in addition to using your digital signage to help create social media buzz, you also have to make sure your social media accounts are helpful and responsive.  A quick response to complaints, especially in a largely public platform like Twitter or Facebook, can do wonders for your public image—and in turn make people more likely to engage.  Using social media to advance your brand can be tricky, but digital signage can help.

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