Jumpstart Revenue With Outdoor Digital Signage

For QSR management, nothing is more important than the drive-thru lane. The reason is simplicity itself because in most cases, that’s where over two-thirds of revenue is garnered. And, to get the most out of your drive-thru lane, you need drive-thru digital menu boards.

digIncrease Drive-Thru Revenues with Digital Signage

QSR’s enjoy an average increase in sales of 8% through installing drive-thru digital menus. Part of the reason is the increase in flexibility that digital menu boards afford management. Managers can change their message instantly – trips to the print shop and climbing up ladders to physically change painted or printed signs are no longer required.

The visuals afforded by digital signs are better, too. That bacon burger doesn’t just sit there anymore. Instead, it can be replaced by a video of a happy customer digging in, with ketchup and luscious cheese oozing voluptuously, and getting your customers’ bellies growling and setting their taste buds on fire. And, don’t forget, these are outdoor digital menu boards that we are describing here, so not only will they be viewed by customers already ensconced in your drive-thru queue, but by passers-by now reminded how hungry they are, even if they weren’t aware of it a moment ago.

Driving Sales of Promotional Items

With outdoor digital signs, you can effortlessly change the items you promote at any time. Morning is a great time to promote coffee-based breakfast specials, while the evening is the time to promote a hot burrito special complete with a drink and sides. A cold, rainy day is a great time to feature hot chocolate, while on a hot day, lemonade promoted on you outdoor digital menu boards will bring in passersby who originally weren’t even planning on stopping by.

Your outdoor digital displays make it easy for you to instantly and effortlessly change your message to what will, at any given time, most effectively strike your customers right in her taste buds. And, studies have shown that by using this strategy, QSR management has typically been able to increase sales of promotional items by 35% or better.

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Gary Elinoff