Menu Boards from Start to Finish

Whether you’re building a new food-service location or revamping an existing one, you may want to consider a digital menu board. As you go through the process, there are a few things you need to think about!

S2F1. Where is the board going to be located, and how much space is there?  It might be obvious, but one of the first things to be considered when you’re deciding on a size and format for your digital menu board is location. Decide what’s best for your customers’ convenience and make sure to factor in readability—if the screen is up too high, for example, it’s much harder for people to read!

2. What needs to go on the menu board?  That includes the number of items that need to be listed, as well as pictures. As part of this, you have to consider font size and picture size, including the layouts of any alternate designs (morning and afternoon menus, for example).  Of course, you don’t need a finalized design before choosing your board, but a rough understanding of the amount of information to be displayed is absolutely essential.

3. What’s your budget?  Again, an essential question. Before you make any final decisions, you have to be aware of how much you’re able to spend—including upkeep. Make sure that you’re not spending your whole signage budget on the initial costs, because upkeep is an indispensable part of the process.

4. What should your design look like?  More than just what words and what pictures you want, design is about translating your brand to your signage.  Color choice, font choice, and even layout can really be personalized in order to send the kind of tone you’re looking for—whether that’s upbeat and fun, or relaxing and calming. You might want to look into an outside designer, or speak to your digital signage provider to find out what kinds of design services they provide.

Bringing digital signage into your business is an exciting process! Just make sure you’re prepared every step of the way.

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