Menu Boards: How to Use Color

So, you’ve just decided on a new piece of digital signage or maybe your content just needs some revamping.  Either way, one of the things you need to know is what colors you should use to get results.

color wheel labeledThe most attention-grabbing colors tend to be warm ones: red, yellow, and orange. But wait before you take that information and run with it, plastering red text on a yellow background over your entire design. Red and yellow have other connotations too. Since they catch attention so easily, they’re often used to signify an emergency: think red fire trucks and stop signs, yellow yield signs or caution tape. So unless you want your customers to feel a little panicked, use these attention-grabbing colors with, well, caution (no pun intended). This is particularly important with digital signage, which can itself contribute to eye strain: you don’t want your color choices to strain people’s eyes even more.

When picking colors, your focus should be on two main things: readability and tone. With readability, consider how the average person will see things (so no light gray text on a dark gray background), but also consider the rest of the population: for example, green text on a red background could be challenging for people with a common form of color-blindness.

For tone, consider how you want to portray your company. Many companies already have signature colors that are associated with them, so some of the work might already have been done for you.  In addition, pay attention to what you want the customer to feel. If you run a spa, you want customers to feel relaxed and refreshed, so you might choose light greens and blues.  If you want to energize your customers, that might call for more vibrant colors.

The colors on your signage can make the difference between a sign that people like looking at and one that they don’t, so pay attention to them!

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