Get the Most Out of Your Digital Signage

There are many good reasons to upgrade from old-fashioned printed or painted outdoor digital signage to modern, up-to-date digital signage. But don’t allow yourself to simply be blinded by the technology. gbYou’ll have the greatest success, and not only more quickly earn back your investment but also increase your overall profitability if you keep your specific objectives in mind from the very beginning, as you start to plan for your installation.

Consider the viewer, and from where he will view your outdoor digital signage. Will it be only customers in your drive-thru lane, or is it also meant to serve as the beacon, beckoning passersby to stop in, too? This will determine the needed size of your new digital menu board.

Geographic location is also critical because electronics are vulnerable to heat. A system that may serve a QSR located in northern climes may fall short in the south, and a digital display with more cooling and venting will be required.

Rotating your message is something that can be done with ease – if you have a modern digital signage system. As your customers cycle through your drive-thru lane, no matter how well you’ve designed your system, there will be some wait time, but now you can take advantage of it. Set aside a small part of your board with up-selling ideas, maybe a soft drink special, or perhaps some fries to go with the meal. The wheels will start turning in your customers’ heads, quickly inspiring a rumble in their tummies. Not only is it a sure fire way to ramp up sales, but it will also keep your customer engaged with the message, and not with her watch, so she won’t be aware of the time she’s spent in line.

Control your message, or give local managers the authority to make changes. Digital signage installed at any number of locations can be controlled from one central office, or control can be granted to area managers. With outdoor digital displays, it’s up to you.

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Gary Elinoff