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Today’s QSR customers love to use their smartphones. And, it’s not just for entertainment; it’s also for commerce, including the business of ordering their meals at your establishment. And that can be a very good thing for your bottom line.

KioskThink about it. Your customer is in the drive-thru queue, and he sees what he wants on your drive-thru digital signs. Ordering is as simple as firing up an app on his smartphone, which he’s probably done already, and making his choice. The app interfaces with your drive-thru digital signage’s software system, which will have been programmed to upsell. What that means is that if he’s ordered a cheeseburger, it will ask if he’d also like some onion rings and a soft drink, or perhaps the cheeseburger special. Then, since the app also keys into your POS system, not only is the bill tabulated, but also the money can be withdrawn directly from Mr. Customer’s online account.

Modern Digital Signage Systems do it ALL!

The ordering process is done. No time is taken up with order confirmation, or any communications at all with your staff for that matter, and so no additional time is wasted clearing up any miscommunication. Up-selling is seamlessly, painlessly and unobtrusively accomplished, and the bill is paid almost automatically.

And the benefits to you and your customer don’t end there. Your employee headcount is reduced because the nexus of digital signage, POS system, and the smartphone app does almost everything except cook the food. Throughput soars because customers can conclude the business of ordering and pay for their meals so much faster. And finally, the millennials are the largest group of QSR customers, and survey after survey, as well as observations in the field, prove that they prefer their business electronically.

Digital Kiosks

But, not all of your drive-thru customers will have signed into the digital revolution; or, even if they have smartphones, they may not as yet be adept at using them. For them, there is the digital kiosk, which is very much like a smartphone app, only without the smartphone. A physical box with a digital screen located along the pathway drivers follow in your drive-through lane, your customers can point to what they want, hit go, and the program in the digital kiosk can take them through an ordering pathway that’s similar to what the smartphone app user encounters.

Whichever pathway the individual drive-thru customer avails themselves of, the result will be a happier customer and a boost to your bottom line.

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Gary Elinoff