Digital Signage – Now For Your Drive-Thru Lanes Too!

Owners and managers of QSR’s know the value of indoor Digital Signage, including increased sales and customer satisfaction. And now, with well over half of their sales taking place at their drive-thru windows, many of the nation’s largest operations, as well as many smaller concerns, are busy extending the deployment of this exciting new technology in the outdoor arena as well.

Drive-Thru display boardsMaximise your ROI- Don’t skimp on cost. Drive-Thru Menu Boards, even though they are comfortably installed in your protected drive-thru lanes, still have to stand up the cold, heat, snow and rain. Accordingly, they need to be tougher, more durable, and somewhat more costly than the indoor variety of digital menu signs.

Besides for being weather resistant, they also need to be vandal resistant. And they must be bright enough to be very clearly and easily legible in all weather, so an important consideration is how directly your drive-thru lane(s) are impacted on by the rising or setting sun.

Another great feature to have is the ability of your customers to place their order from the drive-thru lane. This is often accomplished through the addition of a speaker box, or it can be built into Menu Board itself. Either way, when the customer reaches the cashier, no conversation is required; Mr Or Ms Customer simply pays the bill. Studies confirm that this preferable for most customers, and in any case, it will greatly speed up throughput.

Coordination is the key- One of the most terrific advantages of the Digital Display System is the ability you have to change your message with the day of the week or even the time of the day. For this reason, it is absolutely essential for both your indoor Digital Signage Displays and your outdoor Digital Menu Board to be controlled from the same controller. If you decide to choose a different vendor for outdoor signs than the one you chose for your indoor signs, you must be certain that the original controller can also seamlessly manage your new outdoor Menu Signs.

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Gary Elinoff