Digital Drive-thrus

Maybe you’re already using Digital Menu Boards on the inside of your QSR, and you’ve decided to extend their deployment to your drive-thru lanes. Or, perhaps you’re making the conversion from printed menu signs to a storewide Digital Display System all in one move. In either case, having come to this important juncture, there are choices to make and factors to consider, and the right choices will ensure that you reap the maximum gain from this powerful, versatile technology

Digital Drive thru menu boardsBasic physical concerns- The most important factor to consider is also the most obvious – the weather. Your customers have to be able the read your outdoor Restaurant Menu Boards to benefit from them, and they won’t be able to if they aren’t bright enough. This problem is exacerbated if your drive-thru lane is directly impacted by the rising or setting sun. Modern LED-based digital signage is up to the task, but it’s important to decide early in the design process what is the level of brightness, measured in “units” for digital signage, that you will need for your specific installation.

Another factor is physical toughness. Digital displays must stand up to humidity, rain, wind and snow. Resistance to vandalism is also a factor. Ideally, the units should be modular, for quick and easy repair in the event of any difficulty

Everyone on the same page- If you already have indoor Digital Displays, a vital concern is a coordination between your existing signage and your new, outdoor digital display signage. Perhaps the single most important advantage that Digital Display Systems bestow on QSR management is the ability to instantly change the message presented to your customers. Management will typically use this capability to change the menu depending on whether it is time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some establishments even change menus on weekends.

For these reasons, you will want both your indoor and outdoor Digital Sign Boards to be run off the same controller, so you can change all of them at the same time and ensure a coordinated message. Once you do, you can “marry” your digital display system to your POS system. Then, you can change the menu and prices inside, outside and at the register all in one fell swoop, with no possibility of confusion or error.

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Gary Elinoff