Greater Revenues With Digital Drive-Thrus

Typically, QSR management devotes the greatest portion of attention and investment to the dining room, and relatively little concern is devoted to the Drive-Thru lanes. IRGiven that the typical location derives more than twice the revenue from the Drive-Thru lane than it does from inside, this can be a very poor allocation of resources.

Emblematic of this error is the fact that while most QSR’s have incorporated modern Digital Signage in their dining rooms, many Drive-Thru lanes are still serviced by old-fashioned painted or printed signage.

Keep that Line Moving

The number one goal QSR management should keep in mind for the Drive-Thru lane is to avoid delays because nothing will discourage a customer from returning to your establishment more so than a long wait in the queue. Digital Signs, with their animations and eye-catching graphics, will quickly focus their attention on the task at hand, and facilitate quick choices. And, if you take the next step and install digital ordering kiosks along the Drive-Thru pathway, your customers can complete the ordering process more quickly still, with no possibility of error and with no time-consuming vocal interaction with your staff.

Day Parting

Why advertise your breakfast specials in the evening when they are not available, or hot chocolate on warm days and lemonade in the winter? Not only does this have the potential of causing disappointment among the portion of your patrons who would, actually, like bacon and eggs later in the day, but it will also slow down the line as customer attention is diverted from the consideration of choices that actually are available. With old-style painted or printed signage, this scenario is impossible to avoid, unless you want to deploy members of your staff to manually change the signs multiple times during the course of the day.

With Drive Thru Digital menu boards, you can change the message you impart to your customers as often as you need to at the touch of a button on your smartphone or with a few key clicks on your laptop.

If you’ve already installed Digital Displays in your dining room, you already know the basics, so that smart move is to complete the modernization of you QSR by extending the innovation to your Drive Thru lane.

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Gary Elinoff