High-Tech Future For Quick Service Restaurants

You started your journey into modern QSR technology with digital menu boards, and they were a great success. They took the hassle out of day-parting and made advertising your menu specials a snap. Drive Thru Menu boards for Quick service RestaurantThen you did the same thing with your drive-thru, and not only did wait times go down due to better visibility and a more pointed message, but the outdoor digital signs acted as a beacon, drawing in technophilic millennials who were previously unaware of your existence, but now regard your QSR as THE with-it place to be.

Digital Kiosks are your next step into the 21st Century because they will directly tie your customer and her money to your POS system and they do so by way of your indoor and digital drive-thru menu boards – here’s how.

This technology makes it possible to truly personalize your drive-thru customer’s mealtime experience. After she quickly scans your digital menu board, she punches up her order to the kiosk. If she mentions a hamburger, the kiosk might also suggest a soft drink, or some French fries, and based on her answer, it might suggest today’s hamburger special. Once agreed, a tie-in to your POS system generates the bill, properly priced. You have more than doubled the amount of revenue you will receive from this customer, with no time-consuming and error-prone interaction with your staff.

Now, add in a Smartphone App. It’s no secret that your prime groups of customers, the millennials and those younger, prefer to live their lives by way of their smartphones. If your digital kiosk has been enabled to communicate via an app on the customer’s smartphone, the app will identify that customer and will have knowledge of what he usually orders – at this time of day – and will make appropriate suggestions. Once he agrees, it’s patched through to the kitchen, the money is deducted from the customer’s online account, and in a fraction of the previous amount of time taken, he’s on his way to enjoying his meal. He’s spent less time online and far, far less of your staff’s time is taken up. How’s that for efficiency!

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Gary Elinoff