Indoor Screens Won’t Cut It In the Drive-Thru Lane

In the last few years, many QSRs have made the change from outdated painted or printed menus to indoor Digital Signage, which proved to be a smart move, considering the flexibility, time saving and revenue raising advantages that they provide. tvWhat is surprising is that few have followed through with the next logical step, which is to deploy outdoor Digital Signs. This is especially perplexing, considering the fact that most QSRs garner the lion’s share of their revenue through their drive through lanes, making this is the last place where a savvy manager would want to under-invest.

Speed is of the Essence

It has been observed, repeatedly, that the time that your customers end up spending in the drive-thru queue is materially reduced when printed signs are replaced with modern Digital Signs. The reason is that Digital Menus can be instantly changed with a few keystrokes on the manager’s smartphone or laptop. So, if today’s special did even better than you expected it to, you can remove it from you drive-thru Digital Menu Boards. You won’t have piqued your customers’ interest in an item that is now unavailable. No disappointments or anger, and most importantly, no throughput killing delays on your all-important drive-thru lane.

Outdoor challenges

It can be a cold, cruel world out there, especially for electronic devices such as Digital Displays. Simply put, Digital Signs designed for your climate-controlled restaurant dining room won’t survive for long outdoors in your drive-thru lane. The heat, cold and rain encountered outdoors will quickly KO any Digital Sign not specifically designed to survive the harsh environment that they must withstand. Even if you don’t operate on a 24 x 7 basis, your outdoor Digital Menus can be damaged by the weather even if they are powered down when your business is closed.

There is also the issue of brightness. Outdoor Digital Signs have to be visible to all your customers despite rain, snow, fog, glare caused by headlights or any other unpredictable source. While Indoor Digital Signs simply aren’t bright enough to do the job, Digital Signage designed for the outdoors are not only tough enough to stand up to harsh environments but will also be bright enough to be easily viewable under any condition and make it easy for your customers to quickly make their meal choices.

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Gary Elinoff