Self Ordering Kiosks – a Sure Way to Boost your Bottom Line

Self Ordering Kiosks are the latest trend in QSR technology. Just like your digital menu boards, these cost-saving, time-saving devices are directly tied into your POS system and will have a similar positive effect on QSR throughput and on your bottom line.

boostIncreasing Efficiency of Operations. All too often, the customer can’t understand the order taker, or the order taker can’t understand the customer. Those are problems that are eliminated thru the use of self-ordering kiosks. The choices are presented in black and white, and so are the prices, so there is a chance of misinterpretation. What a great way to streamline operation and make your throughput soar!

Your Best Customers are Technology Addicts. Marketing experts agree that the largest bulk of QSR customers are Millenials, and Millenials love their technology – they virtually live their lives on the smartphones. Indeed, a visit to a modern business office will find members of that age group communicating with each other via those very same smartphones – even when they are physically close enough to speak to each other without either rising from their chairs or raising their voices.

Self Ordering Kiosks are a way to hitch your wagon to this bewildering, but an undeniable trend. They are simply more at home doing things electronically then person-to-person, and the best way to earn their loyalty and their repeat business is making it possible for them to order their meals the same way, via self-ordering kiosks.

Freeing Up Your Employees. One of the best things about this trend, from your standpoint as a cost-conscious manager, is that you will need fewer employees. You’ll only need enough counter help to serve those of us who still prefer to order our repasts from real human beings.

Customization and Upselling are made simple. No more endless back-and-forth between the customer and the counter about whether the burger is to be rare, medium, or well done. The customer just makes a checkmark, And, when he does make his choice, the self-ordering kiosk can be automatically programmed to ask if Mr Customer would like fries with that burger, or perhaps he’d like to order the special, complete with burgers, fries and a dessert. All done with no fuss, no muss and no employee time invested whatsoever.

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Gary Elinoff