Technology is Important < People are Important

Communications between your staff and your customers are the key to a long-term, successful QSR operation, and the first step towards forging that link is the purchase and installation of a top-quality drive-thru headset system. People MattersEqually important is taking out enough time for training your staff to make sure that all your employees know how to get the most out of the system because without proper training, even the best system is nothing but an expensive, electronic paperweight.

People are the Key. It’s easy to get enamoured with technology; it’s sleek, attractive and seductive. As a manager, you must never lose hold of the fact that even the most up-to-date technology is only as good as the people operating it. Never forget that the technology’s only value is to help your good people to do an even better job than they did before. And no matter how solid the communication is, it’s all for nought if a customer doesn’t immediately have an employee on the other end who is, in fact, available to interact with.

Similarly, don’t expect technology to solve all your problems. If the way you organize and deploy your people needs to be modified or improved, just buying a new system won’t change it, although the specific changes that you’ll now need to make may end up being different. But a bad employee with new technology is still a bad employee unless that employee’s only problem is that he has a soft voice or is slightly hard of hearing – a good drive-thru headset system can make a world of difference in this specific case.

Your Customers Hate to Wait but don’t sacrifice good service in an effort to increase throughput. Ms Customer might be perturbed if she has to wait an extra thirty seconds, but if she liked the food and the attitude, chances are she’ll still be back again. But, if she’s ordered the burrito special, and then when she gets to pick up window finds out only then that you’ve run out, then you may have a real problem.

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Gary Elinoff