Using Digital Signage to Increase Efficiency

When you bought your Digital Display system, it’s most likely that you did so with an eye to increasing your sales revenues. But, did you also know that Restaurant Menu Boards could also help out with operational efficiency?effcy

Streamlining Day-part Management:

By now, you’ve certainly taken advantage of dayparting, which is showing different menus and prices at different times of the day or week, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekends. You can arrange, through the software that controls this system, to have this happen automatically, with no intervention required by either you or your staff – cross out on action item! You can also have only the day-part relevant to the present time of day or week displayed near the checkout. Simultaneously, you can have one or more day-parts on display elsewhere so your breakfast customers will know of the culinary delights that await them should they decide to return for dinner.

Your managers are also able to override automatic daypart updating, and here’s why that’s important. Say you’ve scheduled lunch to be over at 2 PM, but at that time, there’s a line of hard chargers who couldn’t leave their desks for lunch until now. These folks may have been dreaming about your outta sight lunch special for hours, and the last thing you’d want to do is shatter their dreams and ruin their day. Manual override allows you to run lunch until everyone’s food cravings have been satisfied, and saving you from becoming the villain of the day.

Managing Expectations:

It happens. Sometimes an offering is an even greater hit than you’d expected it would be, and you’ve run out. With a modern Digital Menu Board system, you can note this unfortunate, but temporary event just once. Then, “Sold Out”, or some other message can appear, perhaps with another similar item offered in its stead. It’s all a question of managing customer expectations ahead of time. You certainly don’t want to make your customer wait until she reaches the cashier to learn the bad news!

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Gary Elinoff