Digital Menu Boards 101

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Digital Kiosks – Greater Convenience for your Customers, Greater Profits for You

Self–service kiosks are the next step in the maturation of digital signage technology. The kiosk, your POS system and your digital menu boards can be seamlessly integrated by your digital signage provider, and together they will provide a powerful boost to your bottom line.

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The Truth About Menu Boards


Digital Menu Boards are utilised in less than 20% of restaurants nationwide. The other 80% are needlessly missing out on some incredibly easy and effective ways to increase the bottom line.

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Now Required: Nutritional Information for Restaurant Customers


On May 5, 2017, all food service businesses, including QSR’s with twenty or more locations, will be required by the FDA to post calorie counts and other nutritional information for all their standard menu items.

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Maximizing QSR Profits through Digital Signage


Digital Menu Boards, thanks to the ever-improving technology behind the Light Emitting Diode (LED), are continually getting sturdier, easier to read, and more energy efficient.

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Digital Drive-Thru Menu Boards


If you want to maximise your revenues and streamline your customer’s dining experience, you need a system built around modern drive-thru menu boards that communicate with your point-of-sale system.

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Drive-thru: More Than Just Speed


Sure, speed is still important. Customers come too fast food drive-thrus because they have busy lives, and time is of the essence. But, it’s not just about a burger, fries and a drink or a shake anymore. There are more choices for consumers to make as meals have become more complex. And, every choice is […]

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2 Standout Benefits of Digital Signage


Digital Menu Boards are mated to the restaurant’s computer system, so the messages you present to your customers can be changed as often as you like. And, if that message involves a price change, it will automatically be reflected in your POS System with no further effort on your part. This added flexibility can enhance […]

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5 Reasons to go Digital for your Drive-thru


Fast food is about fast and nowhere is this more urgently true than for Drive-Thrus. The need is to make sure all the information is up front, accurate and easy to read, so customers can decide what they want and order it quickly. Nothing can make that happen more quickly and efficiently than a modern […]

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Digital Signage Markets


Digital signage displays are a great way to for businesses to make their customers aware of any product or service offering. Because digital signage displays are directly controlled via computer, any changes or updates that you make are conveyed instantly to your customers.

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