Digital Kiosks – Greater Convenience for your Customers, Greater Profits for You

Self–service kiosks are the next step in the maturation of digital signage technology. The kiosk, your POS system and your digital menu boards can be seamlessly integrated by your digital signage provider, and together they will provide a powerful boost to your bottom line.

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Digital Menu Boards 101

You spend many thousands of dollars making sure the décor of your QSR is finely tuned to creating just the right atmosphere to get your customers to come in and to make sure they keep on coming back. [Continue reading…]

Digital Signage for Up-To-The Moment Messaging


The message that you need to get out to your customers, your employees or to the public is a fluid one. This is true whether you run a QSR, a transport hub, the factory floor or a retail outlet.

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Drive Thru Headsets for your QSR


Drive-thru Headsets are a must have for any drive-through restaurant. Combined with a speaker box, through which a customer can speak directly to the cashier while he’s still waiting for his moment at the checkout counter, they are in many ways a potent force enhancer for your organisation. Here’s how.

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Digital Signage – Now For Your Drive-Thru Lanes Too!


Owners and managers of QSR’s know the value of indoor Digital Signage, including increased sales and customer satisfaction. And now, with well over half of their sales taking place at their drive-thru windows, many of the nation’s largest operations, as well as many smaller concerns, are busy extending the deployment of this exciting new technology […]

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Digital Drive-thrus


Maybe you’re already using Digital Menu Boards on the inside of your QSR, and you’ve decided to extend their deployment to your drive-thru lanes. Or, perhaps you’re making the conversion from printed menu signs to a storewide Digital Display System all in one move.

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Choosing The Digital Signage Display That’s Right For You!


When choosing from a wide variety of available Digital Menu Boards for your QSR, managers often opt to go Big, and that’s often the best choice for outdoor digital signage displays, or for displays targeted at foot traffic passing by just outside your doors.

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Digital Display Signage – The Key To QSR Profitability


Digital Restaurant Boards can do a lot more for a QSR than to merely tell the customers what’s on today’s menu. When properly configured and used to their full potential, your Digital Display System is a powerful selling tool, and it can it can have a profoundly positive effect on your establishment’s bottom line.

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Restaurant Menu Boards – Your Entry Into Your Customer’s Digital World


There are some very obvious advantages to being had when QSR’s decide to incorporate Digital Signage. Changing your menu becomes so easy that dayparting, or offering different choices to your customers at different times of the day, becomes a practical option.

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Presell Digital Menu Boards – A Moneymaker For Your QSR


Digital Sign Boards can take two different formats, and both can be highly useful. Your Restaurant Menu Board can display your entire menu in the same manner that you would on a classical printed menu.

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