The First Word in QSR is “Quick”


The first thing that QSR management must consider when converting to from printed signs and menus to Digital Menu Boards is to not create customer confusion. Make sure that your long-time customers can still find their favourite meal choices at the same place on the new menu. That means that, at first, your new Digital […]

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Taking Full Advantage of Digital Menu Boards


If your QSR has a drive through window, your Digital Menu Boards can serve a variety of functions at your drive-thru window. Perhaps the greatest service they can perform is to keep your customers happy as they wait in their cars to place their orders.

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More Ways to Use Digital Signage


It’s only natural. When a QSR management team makes the big decision to adopt Digital Display Signage, the first flowering looks very much like the painted or printed menus or menu boards that they replace.

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Using Digital Signage to Increase Efficiency


When you bought your Digital Display system, it’s most likely that you did so with an eye to increasing your sales revenues. But, did you also know that Restaurant Menu Boards could also help out with operational efficiency?

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Maximizing Digital Signage Exposure


The good news is that you offer your customer so many great choices of what to eat. The bad news is that QSR throughput can slow down as customers make their minds up. The solution – your Restaurant Menu Boards.

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Pull in Customers with the Magic of Digital Menu Boards


They say that the best way to entice potential restaurant patrons to your QSR is through their sense of smell. Of course, it might not always be possible to do that on busy city streets or from within a densely packed food court.

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Good Structure Is The Key To Great Digital Signage Displays


You’ve decided to deploy a Digital Display System to bring your QSR into the 21st Century. Great! You already know about how easily you can now effect day-parting, price changes, required nutritional information and a host of other revenues-enhancing strategies quickly, efficiently and effortlessly.

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Taking Full Advantage of Your Digital Display System


It’s the greatest contradiction in QSR marketing – even after making a significant investment in a Digital Display System, Management all too often fails in fully exploiting this powerful new tool. 

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Increasing Your Bottom Line With A Digital Display System


Utilising a Digital Display System is a sure-fire way to make day-to-day operations at your QSR run more smoothly. When you used printed and painted menus, they had to be replaced every time you changed prices.

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Videos And Images Of Delectable Food

Food vid

An image of a cheeseburger oozing mushrooms, onions and melted cheese on your Restaurant Menu Board will make your potential customers’ stomachs rumble and their mouths water. 

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