Digital Drive-Thru Menu Boards for Increased Customer Satisfaction


As much as 70% of the typical QSR’s revenue is generated via the drive-thru lanes, which is why forward-thinking management will want to install digital Drive-Thru Menu Boards.

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Effective Drive Thru Communications

One of the great contradictions in the QSR industry is that although over two-thirds of revenue is derived from the drive-through lanes, it is a most neglected area in terms of investment.

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Get the Most Out of Your Drive-Thru Presell Board


Because your presell Menu Board is the first message your customer sees after he enters you QSR’s drive-thru lane, it sets the tone for his visit to your establishment. It’s your one chance to make a great first impression.

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The New World of Drive-Thru Menu Boards


Digital Menu Boards are gaining greater and greater acceptance by QSRs throughout the US, rapidly catching up to their European counterparts. And now, that progressive trend is beginning to extend outside to the drive-thru lanes.

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Increase Revenue with Drive-thru Menu Boards


Better than two-thirds of the sales of a QSR are garnered through the drive-thru window. But incredibly, management throughout the nation have focused almost all their efforts on improving their dining and rooms only, and have largely left this vital part of their operations untouched.

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Drive Thru Menu Boards for a Healthier Bottom Line


Establishing a Drive-Thru lane for a QSR is no small thing. It must be carefully planned, and yes, it will require a significant monetary outlay. There are many details to be considered, not the least of which are local and state regulations.

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Taking the Sting Out of Waiting in the Drive-Thru Lane


There’s a reason why so many QSR customers prefer to order food from their cars and not leave their vehicles to eat, and that reason is that they’re in a hurry.

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Guiding your Customers to Faster Decisions


So many choices, and so little time in which to make them. That’s the dilemma facing the QSR drive-thru customer, so much so that the question “May I please have your order?” often draws a blank stare.

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Don’t Sacrifice Clarity in Restaurant Menu Boards


The first word in “quick service restaurant” is, of course, QUICK. And it’s the same for drive-thru customers and for dining room customers – the amount of time that passes between the moment the customer enters your domain until he begins to enjoy your food must be kept to an absolute minimum.

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Technology is Important < People are Important


Communications between your staff and your customers are the key to a long-term, successful QSR operation, and the first step towards forging that link is the purchase and installation of a top-quality drive-thru headset system.

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