Digital Signage in the News: February Roundup

Every month, there are a multitude of new and exciting things happening in digital signage, and we detail a few of them here.  The second roundup of digital signage news in 2016 comes to you with exciting technology education initiatives, emotional engagement with retail, and even aliens! [Read more...]

Digital Maps: 4 Tips for Using Digital Signage to Get Around

Whether it’s in a mall, a museum, or a train station, people need a way to navigate large, complex places.  The traditional solution to this problem is the paper map, but it’s a solution that leads to a lot of litter and a lot of turned-around visitors.   [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Switch to Digital Signage

More and more companies are making the switch, using digital signage for everything from advertising to menu boards. If you’re still on the fence, you might need some information about the ways that digital signage can improve your business. [Read more...]

Integrating Digital Signage and Social Media

In order to stay up to date with the latest in advertising and customer service, you may be working with both digital signage and social media.  But how do you keep these parts of your business integrated? Here are a few tips. [Read more...]

Data Visualization with Digital Signage

Digital signage can improve a huge number of typical workplace activities, and one of the big ones is turning pages of numbers into charts or graphs, which can communicate a lot more data in a lot less time.  With that in mind, here are a few tips for turning numbers into easily digestible pictures! [Read more...]

Working Miracles?

Sometimes, people seem like they’re selling digital signage as a fairy godmother: your business will thrive, your sales will double, and your hair will be shampoo-commercial shiny.  That sounds great, and it’s not a bad sales pitch—but when you’re looking into digital signage, it’s important to have the facts, not the fantasy. [Read more...]

Entertainment While You Wait: Digital Signage and Waiting in Line

Whether at the DMV, the post office, or even an amusement park, everyone knows what it’s like to wait in a line that seems like it’s never going to end.  However a lot of the time, the lines in an amusement park have something to set them apart from others—and not just a roller coaster at the end. [Read more...]

Readable Signage for Drivers

Whether it’s with a digital billboard or another kind of digital roadside sign, you want to make sure that drivers are getting the message.  How long should a message be displayed, and how many words should you have on your sign? [Read more...]

4 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Your Digital Signage

So you want to make a change, and you’re thinking about using digital signage in your business, whether as a menu board or something else!  Before you start making decisions about what kind of hardware you want, you have to gather some information. [Read more...]

Incorporating Audio?

The use of audio in conjunction with digital signage is a controversial topic, with many preferring to avoid it altogether.  However, we believe that there are some situations when audio can be an excellent enhancement to the visual content displayed. With that in mind, let’s run down the best—and worst!—situations for incorporating audio. [Read more...]